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Check out my New site October 3, 2008

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Finally, my site is up and running Plz check it out and comment..waiting for your advises/comments/suggestions…



Rajinikanth and aishwariya in ROBOT: 2 songs completed! September 25, 2008

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Aishwarya danced with Rajini in a shooting spot in Brazil and it is said that two songs are complete now.

Two big budget movies of the entire world is being made in Kollywood and the movies are

  1. Kamal’s Marmayogi
  2. Rajini’s Enthiran

Both Kamal and Rajini are busy making their movies getting complete at the earliest time possible as they feel delay in their project will cause adding of intrest to their investment.

Both the movies will be ready by next year!

HOW TO connect two pc’s directly September 15, 2008

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To connect two PC’s directly, i.e without any router/switch/modem, u need to have a CROSS-OVER cable..which looks pretty much like your ethernet cable but the difference is in the wiring pattern used.

To make ur own cross-over cable u need

1.A pair of RJ-45 connectors

2.Normal twisted pair cable of suitable length (one which is used in normal ethernet cables)

3.crimping tool

These are the color codes for cross-over cable









put all these wires (in sequence) from left to right holding the connector upright..place them properly and use a crimper to bind these wires with the RJ-45 connector..

Now, u’ve a cross-over cable ready..

all u need to do now is connect ur pc’s LAN/NIC cards with this cable

and give an IP address to each of them

ex: and

make sure that subnet masks of both the PC’s reamain same (typically…..

NFS:Undercover gameplay video (sneak peek) August 23, 2008

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Guys, chk out the first ever gameplay video of the next upcoming title of Need for speed, undercover…click the link below

http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/koalacherry/NFSU and Maggie Q/?action=view&current=MOV05056.flv

Storyline of NFS:Undercover August 18, 2008

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Finally, we have the first official information of Need for Speed Undercover!
While you already got a glimpse of what the next NFS is about at the website www.whichroadtotake.com, we have some more concrete information for you:

In NFS Undercover you play an undercover cop, which has the mission to infiltrate and takedown an international crime syndicate. The storyline is mission-based, so you have to take jobs and compete in races to prove yourself. Apart from you there is only one person, who knows the real identity of the player – your only contact to the outer world: Federal Agent Chase Linh. This person is played by the famous actress Maggie Q, which you might know from ‘Mission Impossible III’ or ‘Live Free or Die Hard’.

Need for Speed Undercover features a deep and engaging story of spectacular Hollywood-style live-action that will transport players into the fictional world of the Tri-City Bay Area,” said Bill Harrison, Need for Speed Undercover Executive Producer. “Working with talent the caliber of Maggie Q allows us to deliver an unparalleled level of storytelling that will keep players engaged in between 180-mile an hour races.”

In contrast to Pro Street you are once again a nameless character, so Ryan Cooper is history.   So far Electronic Arts didn’t want to reveal more of the story, but maybe this isn’t too bad as it would otherwise compromise the game experience. Generally Need for Speed Undercover is a rich, cinematic experience, which contains apart from the known actors the brother of Jessica Alba: Joshua and many more famours actors.

Undercover is being produced with Hollywood style shooting and production techniques. Famours writers take part in writing the story of NFS Undercover and Joseph Hodges is the director! So let’s hope that the efforts pays off and we can expect an exciting, movie-like story, embedded in the game!

Check back here on August 20th, as you will find our First Look of Need for Speed Undercover and lots of more information about the game!